Parking Garage Maintenance

Parking Lot Striping

Keeping your parking garage clean and well maintained is a positive reflection on your company, and that’s good for your business. At Texas Striping, we know how important it is to provide high quality parking garage maintenance services for our Austin, TX, area clients. Not only will you attract more customers to your place of business; you’ll also be protecting your investment in that paved surface!

We’re pleased to provide a full range of maintenance services designed to keep your parking garage in tip-top shape, including:

  • Pressure washing – Keeping your pavement clean isn’t quite as simple as it may sound. If you’ve ever tried to remove oil stains from a paved surface, you know how challenging it can be. Our pressure washing service will remove those stubborn stains and leave your pavement looking better than ever!
  • Striping – Faded striping not only makes your parking garage look shabby; it can also be dangerous for your customers and others who are visiting your business! There’s nothing like new striping to make your parking lot safer and looking like new.
  • Wheelstops and signage – Other important parking garage safety features are wheelstops and adequate signage. If your wheelstops are crumbling, and/or your signage has seen better days, our parking garage maintenance service will have them repaired before you know it.
  • Crack and pothole repair – In order to preserve the quality and extend the life of your parking garage, it’s absolutely essential that we repair cracks and potholes as quickly as possible after they form. Even small cracks can lead to much more serious – and more costly – repairs. So call us as soon as you see this type of damage occurring.
  • Seal coating – A fresh layer of seal coat will not only make your paved surface look brand new; it will also protect it against sun and rain damage. Talk to our pavement specialists to find out how often you should seal coat your parking garage.

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