Seal Coating

Seal Coating

Your place of business in the Austin, TX, area is a huge investment, so it’s important to protect that investment as much as possible. And that means maintaining it – whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, repairing a roof, or improving the signs that draw people into your business. But it’s important to remember that your parking area is also a big investment, and maintaining it not only improves the “curb appeal” of your business; it also saves you money! Here’s how that works.

Seal Coating Saves Your Pavement

Simply applying seal coating to your parking lot and other paved surfaces once a year can keep you from needing to replace that pavement altogether. Seal coating extends the longevity of pavement, and prevents damage that can eventually lead to failure of the asphalt surface. Once extensive damage is done, the chances are very high that you’ll need the surface repaved entirely. Fortunately, there is an easy way to avoid the cost of repaving, and that is by maintaining your pavement with seal coating.

What’s Involved in Seal Coating

The first step involved in applying seal coat to your paved surface is for our pavement specialists to make any minor repairs, such as filling cracks and repairing potholes. After that, the seal coat is applied. Not only will your pavement look as good as new, but you can rest assured that your asphalt surface will be protected from our hot Texas sun, damaging wind, and rain. An annual application of seal coat creates a waterproof surface on your pavement, protecting it from the corrosive effects of water and allowing it to reflect the sun’s damaging rays.

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